11 September 2008

How the Panel Works: An Interesting Comment from Barbara Cookson

Last Thursday I convened a meeting of the NIPC panellists in Bradford for a CPD event. I also took the opportunity to explain how the network of inventors clubs, IP clinics, IP practitioners staff college and all my other initiatives work and hand together.    One of my guests was Barabara Cookson of Filemot Technology Law who contributed the very next day a very interesting post to the Solo Indeopendent IP Practitioners Group blog entitled An Alternative Business Model based on Quality which explains my concept beautifully.

The Solo Independent IP Practitioners Group, incidentally, is a group of IP sole practitioners and partners of small firms. It developed from a meeting of patent counsel, specialist solicitors, patent and trade mark attorneys, law publishers and other professionals at a pub in London on 15 February 2006 who had been brought together by Prof. Jeremy Phillips.   It was all very jolly.   After a very short speech by Jeremy and some serious advice on practice building from Margaret Briffa we agreed to meet regularly.   There was in fact a meeting at Olswang's yesterday with Stuart Greenhill, a marketing executive from Lexis Nexis, Unfortunately, I missed it but I hope to catch up with Barbara later today to let you know how the group got on.