16 November 2009

BarCampBradford Update

I have just discovered that the presenters of the excellent session on Second Life were David Batty and Rebecca Barker. Rebecca's website is at http://rebeccap.co.uk/. David has a link to Second Life at http://bit.ly/1SnVBh. His website is at http://www.davidbatty.com/

One of the most useful presentations that I have ever heard - not just at BarCamp but ever - was Ian Smith's talk on Rethinking the Presentation http://bit.ly/77h5G.

There are some really good pictures of the event on Flickr at http://www.flickr.com/photos/greensontour/sets/72157622808510230/

There is a photo of the list of the talks at http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2660/4104806795_6b5e1ba158_o.jpg

Also a picture of the delicious cup cakes which we devoured at the WOW Academy http://tweetphoto.com/c526b2

Anybody who subscribes to twitter can find these and many other links and comments by entering the #bcbradford hash tag.

A wonderful day and many thanks to all who made it possible, particularly Steve Ding and Ian Green.