28 June 2011

Sheffield Inventors Group: Kin Kam and the iiCAP

Dr. Kin F Kam has quite remarkable scientific credentials. Excluding his undergraduate study, he has spent 12 years in advanced physics including 5 years of nuclear fusion research at Culham. He now has his own company known as Inclusive Innovations Ltd. based at the University of York which promotes his inventions.

Two of Kin's latest inventions are the iiCAP, a special baseball cap that holds glasses in place, and the iiCLIP. a device that connects the wearer's glasses to any type of headgear. Kin came to Sheffield Inventors Club on 6 June 2011 to discuss those inventions.

Kin took his audience through every stage of his journey: his tussles with the examiners at the Intellectual Property Office and the State Intellectual Property Office in China, his excursions on Dragon Den and his attempts to market his product. In the course of his talk, Kin gave us some tips that worked for him on patenting and marketing, We wish him all the best with his inventions.

The speaker at the next meeting of the Inventors Club on 4 July 2011 will be Richard Campos, one of the group's founder members. The theme of Richard's talk will be "Developing Products for a Commercial Market". So it should be good. The meeting takes place at 18:00 on 4 July 2011 at Sheffield Central Library, Surrey Street, S1 1YZ. Further information can be obtained from Lyne Hinchcliff on 0114 273 4736, email information.library@sheffield.gov.uk.

Kin's New Website
Since his talk Kin has let me know that he has launched a new website at http://www.iiclip.co.uk/ where you can learn everything you could possibly want to know about his iiCLIP.