18 January 2013

Huddersfield Youth Dance Academy Auditions 26 Jan 2013

The third week of January is rarely a bundle of laughs but with the horrible weather, the crisis in Algeria and the terrible attack on Sergei Filin today has been worse than most.   So here is something to cheer us all up. The Base Studios which I mentioned last week in "Interesting Yorkshire Businesses No. 1: The Base Studios Huddersfield" 11 Jan 2013 will hold auditions for the Youth Dance Academy. on 26 Jan

As you can see the Base has sent some lovely photos of its outstanding young dancers.

We at NIPC think that the Academy is an excellent project and will help it any way we can.   We hope our clients and connections around Yorkshire will do the same.

There are many ways you can help:
- You can sponsor the project;
- You can provide a scholarship for a student;
- You can help bring a star to Huddersfield for a master class.

But you don't need to part with brass to help the Academy.

If you know a young dancer you can encourage him or her to audition for the course.If you are in education you can bring it to the attention of local schools and colleges.

Even if you can do nothing else you can spread the word on Facebook and twitter.
"Any support from anywhere would be amazing to help fund the new Youth Dance Academy. Whether is be to offer students scholarships or reduced fees etc etc. Or money to get in some master classes from other teachers/artists to enhance the training on offer etc " says Base General Manager Matthew Slater, 
"I would love the programme to be fully accessible to talented young dancers from whatever financial background and support with that would be amazing!"

Just think how proud you would feel watching one of the kids you helped on a stage in the West End in a few years time.

I you want to help get in touch with Matthew at the Base at 3 New Street, Huddersfield on 01484 428778 or you can contact us and we'll sort you out. :-)