2 September 2014

Sheffield Inventors welcomes Joyce Gray

Joyce Gray - Beginner's guide to business information 

Just over a year ago the British Library Business and IP Centre joined forces with Sheffield Central Library and 5 other PatLib libraries in the North of England and West Midlands to form a national network of Business and IP Centres. The Information Library Officer for Sheffield Business and IP Centre is Joyce Gray.

Just before the summer holidays Joyce gave a presentation to Sheffield Inventors on the considerable resources available to entrepreneurs and inventors at Sheffield Central Library and on-line.  Joyce's talk focussed on business information but that is of course only part of her portfolio. The other part is IP which includes clinics, prior art searches and, of course, Sheffield Inventors.

Sheffield Inventors' first event after the summer holiday will take tomorrow in the Jackson Room of te Central Library at 18:00, There will be a talk on the Federation of Small Businesses. I don't yet know the name of the speaker but I will announce it on twitter as soon as I find out.

Later in the month there will be a patent clinic on the 9th and Roger Tipple will visit the Library on the 17th. There will also be the "Movers and Shakers" event on the 22nd which I mentioned in "Forthcoming Events: Sheffield - Movers and Shakers"  on 13 Aug 2014.

If you want to learn more about any of these events, call Joyce on (0114) 273 5038 or email her at information.library@sheffield.gov.uk.