2 May 2017

How can I protect my Business Idea?

Jane Lambert

Probably the question I have been asked most frequently in the IP clinics that I have run around the country is "How can I protect my business idea?"

It is not an easy question to answer because it depends on the nature of the idea and the size and the strength of the business.

For instance, patents provide the most extensive protection for new products or processes but they come at a cost:
  • several thousand pounds in Office fees and attorneys' costs for the UK alone and a great deal more if you want protection in other countries whether under the European Patent Convention or the Patent Cooperation Treaty;
  • Complete disclosure of the invention to enable those with the skills and knowledge to make or work it if the patent isn't granted, or if it is revoked or in countries where you haven't applied for patent protection;
  • periodic renewal fees that increase with the age of the patent in some countries; and
  • the costs of enforcing, or resisting an application to revoke, the patent that can run to many hundreds of thousands of pounds in some common law jurisdictions like the United Kingdom.
If nobody wants to buy or use the invention, all that money is wasted.

So is there a better way of protecting an invention? How about trade secrecy or unregistered design rights? Well, maybe, but then again, maybe not. Also, some of those costs can be insured again.

On Tuesday 9 May I will be talking about all those subjects and more at Barnsley Business and Innovation Centre between 12:15 and 13:15.  The talk is free but space is likely to be limited.

If you want to come you can register by clicking this link.