16 February 2009

Leeds Grub

Lawyers and patent and trade mark agents are human and have to eat sometime just like everybody else. Restaurant guides are not always reliable or indeed useful.  In my humble opinion Leeds has  a greater need than most cities for a reliable restaurant vade mecum because it has more than its fair share of over-priced and mediocre eateries.

Imagine, then, my delight at discovering Katie Bolton's Leeds Grub blog.   She seems to have Leeds and surrounding districts covered - even extending to Northern Ireland in one excursion.   It is written simply and directly from the perspective of a mortgage-paying-employment-insecure Yorkshire customer rather than a critic on expenses. And the pictures. Katie photographs the dishes as well as the interiors (and exteriors) of the eateries.   Some of her pics are mouth watering.   Others less so.

The blog's URL is http://www.leedsgrub.blogspot.com/ and you can follow her on twitter (which is where I discovered her) at http://twitter.com/Leedsgrub.