23 June 2012

Who Needs London?

If the National Media Museum were in London we would never hear the end of it. Because it is in Bradford we don't hear enough about it.

This wonderful institution is part of the National Museum of  Science and Industry which includes the Science Museum in South Kensington and the National Railway Museum in York.  Here are just some of its offerings:
  • "The Museum is home to over 3.5 million items of historical significance. We look after the National Photography, National Cinematography, National Television and National New Media Collections
  • Traditional and interactive galleries located across eight floors of the Museum investigate and celebrate film, photography, television, animation and new media.
  • Two gallery spaces display a changing programme of exhibitions which are inspired by our Collection.
  • The touring exhibitions programme enables us to share our exhibitions and the National Collections with audiences across the UK and abroad.
  • The Museum is the home of the BBC in Bradford. Visitors can watch presenters and researchers collating news stories and broadcasting online and on-air in this real, working exhibit.
  • The UK's first IMAX theatre opened right here in Bradford. It continues to offer an exciting programme of 3D and blockbuster films for that essential, all-embracing viewing experience.
  • The Museum houses two other cinemas which can accommodate a wide range of film formats. Our Pictureville and Cubby Broccoli cinemas host an impressive film programme, from cult classics to contemporary art house cinema.
  • Pictureville cinema boasts the only permanent, regularly programmed Cinerama installation in Europe, a magnet for enthusiasts worldwide.
  • The Museum organises three major film festivals every year: Bradford International Film Festival, Bradford Animation Festival and Fantastic Films Weekend.
  • A comprehensive programme of cultural and educational events and activities bring the Museum's subject matter to life for families, schools and adults alike.
  • Archive is our quarterly publication which is produced to complement the Museum's cultural programme and highlight objects from the Collection.
  • For a venue with a difference, the Museum can provide the setting for a whole spectrum of events, from birthday celebrations to corporate conferences.
  • Membership @ National Media Museum gives visitors the opportunity to experience everything that we have to offer with added value and exclusivity, while supporting the National Media Museum right here in Bradford."
Other bloggers such as Barbara Cookson and Gita Mistry have written about the Museum.

I should like to mention just two special events.   First, a programme of ballets, concerts, plays and other live performances streamed live from such venues as the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow and the National Theatre in London.  Tomorrow they are showing Raymonda to which I am looking forward very much.  The other special events are the London 2012 Olympic Games in Super Hi Vision which are free. They are advertised as the best seats at the Games and I am sure they are right.

Yorkshire folk are not easily impressed and they never admit to being impressed even when they are.  They are very lucky to have this museum and should celebrate it more.