24 January 2011

Inventors' Resources in Yorkshire

I have just published an article on Inventors' Resources in Yorkshire and the Humber on my Inventors Club blog.

It sets out information on Yorkshire Forward, the Leeds and Sheffield LEPs, business advisers, business angels, clinics, community development finance institutions, inventors clubs, libraries and so on in the region and much, much more.

There is also an Inventors Club group on LinkedIn which you can join. Also, why not visit the Inventors Club website.

12 January 2011

News of Yorkshire LEPs

The previous government established regional development agencies ("RDA") to stimulate economic growth in the regions of England. The regional development agency for Yorkshire and the Humber is Yorkshire Forward. Although the RDA undoubtedly did some good work they did not actually achieve their objective of producing balanced balanced growth throughout the country. As I observed in "Government's Strategy on Growth published at last" (NIPC Inventors Club 30 Oct 2010):
"As most of us are used to a more corporatist model, the government's thinking is hard to follow. Those who want to understand the thinking behind it should read the Department for Business Innovation and Skills economic paper "Understanding Local Growth" also published this month. Without an economics background, this paper is hard going, but the important bit is the table on page 10. That shows that productivity per person has actually fallen during the years in which the RDAs existed in every region except London and the South-East and that growth has been appreciably slower outside those regions. That paper taken as a whole has convinced me of the need to try something else."
That "something else" are to be Local Enterprise Partnerships ("LEP"), boards of local business leaders and authorities who will work together to promote sustainable growth and jobs in their local areas. I discussed LEPs in some detail in my article "Local Enterprise Partnerships Begin to Take Shape" on 21 Oct 2010.

The Government has accepted two proposals for LEPs in Yorkshire and the Humber:
Leeds LEP has just appointed its chairperson, Mr. Neil McLean, a partner of the law firm DLA Piper which actually started in Leeds as Dibb Lupton not too long ago. Mr. McLean's appointment has been welcomed by local businesses and councils.

Sheffield has actually appointed its full board which held its first meeting on 20 Dec 2010. It is now working on its business plan. The government has announced a £4 million fund to to help with analytic services (see "New Fund for LEPs Announced" J4B Grants 7 Jan 2011).

We shall keep you posted on developments.