3 October 2019

IP Training in Doncaster

Doncaster Minster
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Jane Lambert

Yesterday I delivered a half-day workshop on intellectual property law to a prominent South Yorkshire law firm at its officers in Doncaster.  My audience consisted of contentious and non-contentious law practitioners in company/commercial, dispute resolution and employment. Their experience ranged from head of department to trainee.

The timetable and syllabus were as follows:

09:00 - 09:15   Registration and set-up

09:15 -10:00    Basic Concepts and Terminology: What is intellectual property? What is the difference between intellectual property and intellectual assets? What are intellectual assets? Registerable rights and non-registerable rights, Intellectual Property Office, EU Intellectual Property Office. European Patent Office. World Intellectual Property Organization, World Trade Organization. Intellectual Property List: Patents Court, Intellectual Property Enterprise Court, Small Claims Track, Chancery Division, County Court. Hearing officers. Remedies: injunctions, delivery up, account and inquiry, costs. Interim injunctions, search orders, freezing injunctions, blocking orders. Licensing: non-exclusive, exclusive, sole. Reports of Patent Cases, Fleet Street Reports.

10:00 - 10:45  How the Law Protects Brands: What is a brand? Law of Passing-off: Reckitt and Colman Products Ltd v Borden Inc.and Others [1990] 1 WLR 491, [1990] 1 All ER 873, [1990] UKHL 12, [1990] RPC 341. Trade mark registration: what is a trade mark? Trade Marks Act 1994, Directive (EU) 2015/2436, Regulation (EU) 2017/1001, Madrid Protocol, TRIPS, distinctiveness, specified goods and services, infringement, application process, opposition, revocation and invalidation Geographical Indications of Origin extended passing-off, certification and collective marks, EU legislation for foods and beverages, Other ways of protecting brands

10:45 - 11:00   Break

11:00 - 11:45  How the Law protects Designs Distinction between ornamental design and functional design Ornamental Design Registered Designs Act 1949,  Directive 98/71/EC Regulation 6/2002, novelty, individual character, registered Community designs, unregistered Community designs, infringement Functional Designs Part III Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988, infringement Artistic copyright Surface decoration, artistic craftsmanship, Semiconductor topographies

11:45 - 12:30  How the Law protects Technology Common law obligation of confidence Trade Secrets Directive, Subsistence, Breach, Patents Patents Act 1977, European Patent Convention, Proposed Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court, Patent Cooperation Treaty, Subsistence, Specification, Infringement, revocation, Computer software exception Plant Breeders' Rights

12:30 - 13:15   How the Law protects Creativity    Copyright, Part I of Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988, Berne Convention, Subsistence, Restricted Rights, Exceptions, Infringement, Licensing    Performances Part II of 1988 Act 

Should any other firm in Yorkshire (or indeed elsewhere) desire such training, please call my clerk, David, on 020 7404 5252 and he will assist you further.