18 September 2008

Trade Marks: A Very Satisfied Client

On 12 September 2008 I mentioned a trade mark case which shows just how well the panel works.   Yesterday I received this really nice email from the client:
'I was absolutely amazed with Jane's quick grasp and understanding of our trade mark versus any merit in the opposition (which in this case was a very big company). Jane was able to advise me with confidence and knowledge that I should continue with my business and succeed at it and she believed the two marks were so different that the opposition would not stand. I felt relieved after speaking with her and could concentrate on my business. Thank you Jane
Barbara Cookson also got a pat on the back:
'I was facing a trade mark opposition from a very big company and I hadn't even started trading yet. I quickly managed to get representation and was amazed with the advice and reassurance from Barbara that the opposition had very little chance of success and it was merely a Big Brother attitude. The stance and firm position Barbara took and the brief explanation to the opposition why they could not succeed made the opposition withdraw their application within twenty four hours. I could not have got better, faster and efficient service. Well done Barbara and thank you very much.
This sort of appreciation makes it worthwhile to get up in the morning.