22 July 2011

Mentoring in Yorkshire

On 4 July 2011 the Business Finance Taskforce launched mentorsme.co.uk, an on-line gateway for mentoring services for small and medium enterprises ("SME"). I discussed it in "Oh me. Oh My, I hope the Little Mentor comes by."

One of the menu choices on the home page is "Find the Right Mentor". If you click on that link you find an interactive map of the United Kingdom. I clicked on the map of Yorkshire and the Humber and I found Success Doncaster and Business & Education South Yorkshire.

The website also listed the following national organizations that operate in our county:
The last two organizations are on-line only.

Business & Education South Yorkshire describes itself as "the leading strategic body established to develop education and business links activities in South Yorkshire." It provides companies with a one-stop-shop service for developing links with education.

Success Doncaster is an initiative of Doncaster MBC whose activities can best be discerned from its brochure.

Early days I suppose.