7 March 2015

Bradford International Film Summit 2015

Berween 4 and 6 March 2015 Bradford hosted an international film summit consisting of seminars, screenings and other events on film and TV production and education.  According to the summit website, the aims of the summit are:
  • "To attract increased film and TV production to Yorkshire
  • To capitalise on the business opportunities in film related industries and services
  • To create collaboration opportunities through international networks
  • To further develop education and skills programmes and share best practice
  • To inspire communities to enjoy and experience more film."
As my colleagues Thomas DillonAthelstane Aamodt and I have a particular interest in film, TV and games I attended the last day of the summit on behalf of chambers.  

I spent most of the day at the Film Hub North Roadshow at the National Media Museum listening to talks on Film Hub North's advice and experience sharing scheme, the Leeds International Film Festival, the Rotterdam International Film Festival, investment and other sources of funding and watching a number of films including Louise Osmond's Dark Horse.  Although I was there to listen rather than advise I was consulted on some of legal issues that confront independent film makers.

If anyone would like to discuss this post or legal issues relating to film making generally he or she is welcome to call me on  01484 599090 or 020 7404 5252 during normal office hours or message me through my contact form.

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