25 March 2018

NorthernMAX Demo Day

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Jane Lambert

I mentioned the launch of the NorthernMAX health accelerator programme in  Northern Max - a new Healthcare Accelerator in Bradford 12 Jan 2018. That programme ends on 29 March 2018.  I was lucky enough to attend a demo day on Thursday, 22 March 2018 at which several of the participants presented their businesses.

The event took place in the reception area of the Digital Exchange in Little Germany.  Each of the businesses on the programme was allocated space for a stand in the reception area or adjoining side rooms. Doors opened to visitors at 10:00 and the first hour was used for introductions, demonstrations and general discussions over coffee.

At about 11:00 Tom Strodtbeck invited visitors to take a seat and listen to short presentations from the participating companies.  All the ideas were interesting and they were very varied.  Some businesses such as V & V innovations had developed apparatus for diagnosis. Others like John Baruch's Mulberrybush had devised systems for facilitating social care. Most of the products were for healthcare or social care but one of them used data from sensors to gaie early warning of flooding.  I had expected the presenters to be very young men and women straight out of medical or graduate school.  I was pleased to find that they were of all ages and backgrounds.

The presentations ended at 12:30 when a light lunch was served.  I spoke to Tom Strodbeck and Amanda Lennon about the programme and met as many participants as possible. All seemed to be very satisfied with the programme as I had expected  them to be.

At 13:00 we were invited to resume our seats for two short talks from Paul Jones, chief technical officer of BUPA and Taz Aldawould chief executive of DocAbode who had secured funding for his project.

I attended the event to listen and learn rather than to promote my services but I was glad that several of the participants were aware of the need for legal protection for their innovation and creativity. One or two of them requested my business card asked me a lot of general questions on intellectual property.

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