16 February 2024

Relaunch of the Barnsley IP Clinic

Photo ChicXulub Licence CC BY-SA 4.0 Deed Source Wikimedia Commons


Jane Lambert

Until the pandemic, I hold pro bono consultations on IP and tech law at the Barnsley Business Village on the second Tuesday of every month. I continued to offer those consultations over Zoom during lockdown and afterwards (see IP Clinics FAQs 8 March 2023 IP Yorkshire). Even though a consultation could take place at almost any time they were never as popular as the drop-in clinic. Barnsley Business Village is therefore restoring the one-to-one clinics at the Business Village with effect from 16:00 on Tuesday 12 March 2024.

The new clinics will differ slightly from the previous ones in two respects,   First, I have recruited patent and trade mark attorneys and other IP specialists to our clinic.  If, for example, you want to apply for a patent for your invention you need to talk to a patent attorney rather than a lawyer like me.  If you need a prototype I will introduce you to a product design consultant.   I have spent my career advising specialist solicitors and patent and trade mark attorneys on difficult points of law, drafting complex legal instruments for use in business as well as litigation and representing parties in court, IPO tribunals and negotiations.  I should be best placed to advise on strategy, licensing and dispute resolution. Secondly, we shall make more use of Zoom and other technologies so that we can address your issues promptly. rather than wait until the second Tuesday,

The first step is to contact us,   The best way is by completing the form below but you can also call the Business Village on  01226 249590 or me on 020 7404 5252 to make an appointment for initial advice and signposting   If I think someone else is better placed to help you than me I will put you in touch with them.  Whoever you see will give you up to 30 minutes of his or her time absolutely free. 

Fill out my online form.